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COVID-19 and the resulting global economic shutdown is having a devastating impact on the developing world. Millions of garment factory workers are losing their jobs--people who support their families paycheck to paycheck and live in countries with little or no social safety net.

In Guatemala, on April 4th the government issued Ministerial Agreement 140-2020 which allows factories to suspend worker contracts. While protecting the viability of Guatemalan factories, this measure has left many workers without any means to support themselves or their families.

Humans In Action is an initiative by Urban Smalls in partnership with its Guatemalan manufacturer Goodkraft to employ displaced garments workers through a stay-at-home contractor network.

How it works

Materials are donated by Goodkraft and delivered to contractors' residences free of charge. Product components are then picked up at each contractor’s residence and delivered to Goodkraft’s facility for finishing and fulfillment. 

All work provided by Urban Smalls and Goodkraft -- finishing, fulfillment, administration, logistical and other support -- is volunteer or free of charge to both contractor and customer. This allows for 100% of the profits to pass through to the displaced garment workers who make the products as well as Covid-19 related causes. For more information on where we've donated those funds, please visit our Partners page.

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