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The Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI) is partnering with Humans in Action, an initiative by the Guatemalan company Goodkraft, to create face masks that support workers and rural communities in Guatemala. For every mask you buy through the link below, three will be donated to WJI. These masks are washable, reusable, and comply with the CDC’s guidance for non-medical grade protective face coverings. The masks also provide at-home employment for displaced Guatemalan garment workers. 100% of the profits go to workers along with COVID-related causes.

WJI will distribute donated masks in our partner communities, filling critical gaps in public health and safety. Though the Guatemalan government has mandated the use of face coverings in public, masks are expensive or altogether unavailable in many rural communities. In Patzún, where some of the first cases of COVID-19 in the country have emerged, it is urgent that communities get these supplies as soon as possible.

Help WJI provide vital resources to our participants and their communities, support Guatemalan workers, and buy your mask today!

Purchase masks here.


Guatemalan Masks Donation

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